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We have everything you could possibly need to make your family reunion a huge hit with everyone. Our Cabins and Cottages can sleep from 2 adults in our Cub Cabins to 4 adults and 4 children in our Family Deluxe Cabins. Kids love the lofts in the Resort Family Cabin and the Deluxe Family Cabin since it gives them a sense of camping out in their sleeping bags without being outside and to far away from mom and dad. We have hot tubs located on the decks of our Honeymoon Cabin, Resort Family Cabin and the Deluxe Family Cabin. What a perfect way to relax after a long day.
We have a park-like-setting located back behind the Cottages and just across the creek that has an outdoor family pavilion for you to gather under for lunches or dinners. There are plenty of trees for shade from the sun and space for the kids to run and play. The pavilion is located between the full size basketball court and the sand volleyball court. There are several grills that are located around the pavilion which makes cooking very convenient. It is the perfect setting for a day at the park and is just seconds away from your cabins. We do ask that you reserve the family pavilion so all guests may have a chance to use the pavilion during the day. There is no fee for reserving the pavilion for your family gatherings.
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You may also choose to have your family gatherings inside. We do offer the Southern Oaks Resort at Grand Lake Oklahoma Clubhouse as a rental in 4 hour periods. Our rental fee is $200 for the 4 hours plus a $125 cleaning fee. We have a full size kitchen that you may use while cooking up a great meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner gatherings. Our Club House can seat between 45 and 60 people. If you would like to rent the club house for your family gathering, please let us know in advance so we may set the time aside for you. If you would like to plan group events for the kids, we can also arrange games and activities for them as well.
Southern Oaks Resort is located just minutes away from everything on Grand Lake. If you would like to charter a boat or wave runner, go horseback riding or visit one of our outstanding wineries in the area, there is plenty of things to choose from. Plan on doing your shopping when you arrive in Langley. Reasor's Food Store is a very large grocery store and has just about everything you could imagine that you would need to make a great meal.

And keep in mind we have LOADS more amenities here at Southern Oaks Resort.
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